Residual launches on September 9th!

Residual launches on September 9th!

Just ONE MORE WEEK! And Residual will launch you into space — so you can crash on one of the many planets in the universe! I hope you are as excited as I am for this new adventure. I have a few little extra things I wanted to share with you:

Residual will be on the PAX floor at the Apogee booth! – so go check it out and give it a little play if you happen to be there!

If you plan on streaming, or upload videos of your gameplay, make sure to drop by on as I’ve setup a channel for you to promote your Residual stream/video there!

And finally, as an extra bonus, I’m giving away a FREE copy of the Residual Digital Manual if you sign-up to the Orangepixel newsletter ! The eManual has a bunch of information on the game, including a good old fashioned back-story that’s exclusive to the manual.

I’m still looking into the options to distribute the Mac build, Apple made it VERY difficult to simply release Mac games with their notarization policy. There is a Mac build available, and I’m sure going to try to make it available somehow and somewhere, but there’s still a bit of figuring out there.

Getting a bunch of questions about Steam Deck – all I can say now is that I’D LOVE to support the deck with all my games, I have high hopes, since we have Linux builds available for all the games including Residual, but right now, I have no access to a deck, so no way of testing it – so let’s just wait and see!

IF you had previously signed up to the newsletter an extra email with a link to the manual will go out on launch day – so don’t worry, I got you covered!

Pfew.. think we’re now all set for next week’s release! – Come hang out on the discord to chat about the game if you like.

..and remember: the surface is just the beginning !

– Pascal / Orangepixel

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