First update is here! It’s not a big one, because I first want to make sure all the tiny annoyances and other small bugs are fixed before I start introducing new bugs.. uhm, I mean.. new features!

So the list of changes in this update:

  • added: patch-notes popup (only shown once on new updates)
  • added: Scanner now also shows minable-pockets for resources
  • added: items dropped from your backpack now have a marker above them
  • added: fail-safe mechanism detecting player being “blocked” into solids (due to vine-swinging for example) – make him “wake up” at the ship as if passed out
  • added: Roof-generators now also “light up” the plane they are on (besides their other function)
  • fixed:biting-creatures can “corner” the player into a non-movable position.
  • fixed: opening visor when being grabbed by slurper-plant goes “crazy” interface wise until creatures lets you drop
  • fixed: “mission completed” percentage on load-game screen isn’t correct
  • fixed: bug causing sleeping/restoring taking much longer than needed
  • fixed: far less random events (less backpack broken, or device disabled)
  • fixed: improved check on mission-required resources already collected (only on new mission triggers, not for existing)

Besides that, I’m glad to see everyone is exploring those planets! As you might have noticed by now, the type of planet you crash on can have a huge impact on your gaming experience – so do make sure to try a couple of other planets (especially if you are one of the unlucky ones that ends up on a very cold planet with barely any fruit).

Here are a couple of tips to help you on your adventure:

FOOD : Can regrow, but only if you leave the stems/sticks in the ground! Don’t pull them out, and fruit will regrow in a (game)day or so. Usually running against a stem will let the fruit drop to make that even easier

FISH: A resource that also keeps coming back, water is empty? visit it a bit later and you might find fish in there!

MUSHROOMS: Great resource for restoring energy.. but they come with side-effects! – cooking will help limit those effects.

WATER: You can always fill your flask (in inventory) with water! This refuels your energy levels slightly (not fully) but a very easy and quick way to regain some energy on a planet without much food

ENERGY: The speed at which you lose energy is based a lot on the temperature on the planet, or the area you are in (for example: deep underground it’s often very cold) – Your solar-suit will keep you warm, but the colder it is, the faster the solar-suit will deplete and needs recharging in the sun ! A fire will keep you warm and safe.

SLEEP: Sleep restores your energy, but how much it restores is also based on your food levels. Best thing is to try and eat and refill your food-bar before you sleep.

REST : Sleeping in the captains chair is great, but you can also build a campfire, stand near it, and your character will then sit down and rest. This also restores your energy, and gives you rest. Often a quick way as you don’t have to travel back and forth to the ship.

And of course hop on the if you wanna talk to other adventurers, already some great conversations going as people help each other out :)

More updates are coming, and please remember to leave a rating/review on the game, this helps visibility – especially if you enjoy what’s here and what’s to come!

– Pascal / Orangepixel


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