Ladders, location and fishing!

Ladders, location and fishing!

Still working on the quality of life patches/updates to improve the base game here. Luckily we’re running at very few bugs, and most of these changes are just to make the game more “pleasant” to play overall. I will be giving some details on the “future of Residual” as I have some galaxy-expanding-big plans for it.. more on that later this week in Thursday’s video!

A bunch (all?) of these features are based on player feedback – I’ve setup PedeyB the Discord bot to handle feature-requests so I can keep track of it, if you got good ideas: for more info! – ALSO  PC adventurers, use the F1 key to create some cool snapshots of your adventures, and you can post them in the #postoffice channel, it’s cool to see where everyone has been (and which planets people have already survived!)

For now, the list of changes in v1.1.2 – and for Switch users, don’t fear, these are all coming to an big patch soon (pushing updates just doesn’t work as quick on Switch).

  • added: starting-planet is an easy one for new players
  • added: glucobombs can now destroy spikes
  • added: option to change transparency behind dialogs (default=off on Switch) improve readability
  • added: ladders can be picked up again (and put in backpack)
  • added: keep track of locations visited in planet-radar
  • fixed: crash bug when checking for resources/mining (out of bounds)
  • fixed: crash bug on mouse-hover events (PC)
  • fixed: climbing stairs will block some operations like inventory/crafting/visor
  • fixed: fishing-line now has more max length (deeper fishing) – might have to throw it a few times, just like real fishing!
  • fixed: fish drop back in the water too often (annoying) – now seen as collected if they drop/fly against you

So stay tuned for Thursdays devlog video, I will layout some of the plans for the future of Residual.. and it’s gonna be big :)

Pascal / Orangepixel

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