Recall Teleporters and the BIG future of Residual

Recall Teleporters and the BIG future of Residual

Third patch update is here, with a very tiny amount of things. I see this patch as the one that makes the game stable as stable can be, so from here on we can start focussing on new things! This is also the patch that I currently have running on my Switch devkit, so I’m testing that in the next few days, and then we should be getting it to Nintendo ASAP for approval.

There are a couple of new features added based on feature-requests over at the server – so if you now lost your teleporter, it happens apparently, then you can just make your way back to the ship, and the ships computer will allow you to recall it – and it will appear next to you.

I also uploaded a new video yesterday talking about how the launch went, and the HUGE plans I have for this game’s future.. let’s see if we can make that a reality. If you want to hear what I have planned then make sure to check out the video here:

Full changes list:

  • added: recall “lost” teleporters using the ships-computer
  • added: optionally assign 1 gamepad button to 2 commands
  • fixed: rare crash bug with fire/heat maps
  • fixed: planet-radar now also shows graphite and fruit percentages
  • fixed: default to english for missing text in other languages
  • fixed: sleep is more visible (ZzZ’s)
  • fixed: “transport back to the ship” dialog when sleepy is now less annoying/spawning less

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