Map markers and Recycler

Map markers and Recycler

A nice little update this time, where I few requested features and tiny fixes.  You will also note a few things in the changes list with a “Cepheus update” behind it. These are new changes and code for the big update that’s coming. Most of those updates are being done without players running into them until we open up the new Cepheus galaxy… but it’s still important for me to track these changes as they happen!

So the bigger changes in this little update, we now have a Recycler device!  As soon as you craft something new, the Recycler will be unlocked and the EDP can print one for you.  This device can then take any crafted item, and spit out the resources that were used to create it – should come in handy if you are running low on resources on some planets!

Map-markers was also requested a bunch of times, so you can now go into your visor, planet radar, and then use your action button to toggle markers on/off at the current location that you are in.  That way you can keep track of interesting areas on the map that you want to re-visit.

Finally, the Glucobomb will have a big more punch and use against things like the Slurper plants (those ceiling things with their grabby tongues) or the Techdrones zoomin around.

Besides that a few other smaller changes and fixes are pushed to the game.. so enjoy the update!

Full changes list:

  • added: set your own marker (use X to toggle it on/off)
  • added: Recycler device (breaks down crafted stuff into their core components)
  • added: Total scanned creatures in Residex
  • added: roofgenerators breaking down, now also remove the lights arround it
  • added: Slurper plants can now be destroyed by Glucobomb
  • added: Techdrones can be hit by glucobomb explosion
  • added: UI-Zoom option (PC only)
  • added: Landingship (Cepheus update)
  • added: landing intro (Cepheus update)
  • added: variable planet sizes (Cepheus update)
  • fixed: French language version crashing game (Switch only)
  • fixed: Teleporter getting stuck on top of Hologram device

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