PRESS RELEASE: Heroes of Loot 2 Launches on Switch – PRE ORDER now with 10% discount

PRESS RELEASE: Heroes of Loot 2 Launches on Switch – PRE ORDER now with 10% discount

Orangepixel brings the second Heroes of Loot to Nintendo Switch – supporting two player local-coop mode, endless amounts of dungeon crawling and adventures + quests!

The Netherlands – January 18th, 2021 — Orangepixel starts 2021 with a host of new games coming to the Nintendo Switch. The first one is Heroes of Loot 2 making the Heroes of Loot series complete on Switch (and ready for a 3rd game in the series!).

Heroes of Loot 2 throws the player into an dungeon-roaming adventure with quests and alternate routes leading all the way down to King Loot!  Every player joining the party will control two characters: a melee character and a ranged character, switching between those two as the situation calls for.

Watch the Heroes of Loot 2 trailer here:


Key Features:

– Local co-op mode for 2 players
– Unlimited amount of randomly generated dungeons
– Quests to reward you with extra loot, items, experience, and more
– Four MAIN classes to choose from: Elf, Warrior, Wizard and Valkyrie
– Perma-Unlockables – unlock new character classes, magic spells, and features to enhance your future game sessions

Are you ready to find King Loot and escape the dungeons with a bunch of shiny items?

Grab it on Nintendo Switch:

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About OrangePixel

Orangepixel is a Dutch independent game developer, founded in 2004. Being a one-man team, handling everything from game-design to code and pixel-art, all the Orangepixel games contain a unique style and feeling based heavily on the developer behind each and every game.

Most noteworthy titles have been the Heroes of Loot series, Gunslugs series and Space Grunts – the fastest turn-based game in the universe.


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