Improved inventory and better game flow

Improved inventory and better game flow

Well hey! It’s been a few months since the last update to Residual, the game has been a bit in limbo.. BUT I’m back with a renewed interest in building out the game to something bigger and better than ever!

To start the next phase of Residual, this update comes with some very welcome improvements to the whole interface screen. It was a bit tiny, a bit off, a bit.. just.. not.. right. Especially the Switch version with it’s small screen had some issues with that whole inventory design.   The new inventory now also comes with a “Quick access” context sensitive selection of items: depending on your missions, your current status, and your current surroundings, this Quick Access menu will show you the most likely items you need to grab from your inventory.

I’ve been playing with these changes for a few weeks now, and that QA menu is extremely useful !

Besides the QA menu, you now also get a better view of crafting requirements, mission-required items, and just generally a big improvement over the old inventory screen!

On top of the new inventory screen, there are also a few good fixes and changes added to the game, as I’m preparing to dive back into the whole “Residual Chapter 2” update where we get to lift-off and actually navigate the stars to hop from planet to planet!

I do have one question to ask from you guys: please drop a review for the game on Steam, especially if you are liking it!
Reviews help push the game into more visible area’s on Steam, and will allow me to keep working on  it and pushing updates

(Switch users: the update is coming your way, just takes a few extra weeks! – mobile gamers: soon you’ll be able to take Residual with you on iOS or Android – stay tuned!)

Full changes list:

  • added: new Inventory redesign
  • added: context-sensitive hot-items
  • added: “create” or “fix” status to devices
  • added: deployed state of a depoyable-device shown in inventory
  • added: “press X” pause to dialogs that show for the first time
  • added: show how much graphite we have when nanobot is selected in EDP
  • added: Radar info: show how to set markers
  • changed: pdb dialog transparency less transparent (~50%)
  • changed: put pickup-shine in postlight render layer for more effect and visibility
  • tweak: new female character sounds
  • fixed: check if missions are completed when showing them in inventory
  • fixed: some PDB messages spawn twice (once locked, once translucent)
  • fixed: dialog-locations moved down screen a bit
  • fixed: quick-access doesn’t show “item count”
  • fixed: unlock Furnace earlier in the game
  • fixed: field-generator sometimes not working (not finding your home base)
  • fixed: don’t show EDP/device info when ‘new EDP blueprint’ notification slides down

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