The New Year demo

The New Year demo

Welcome to 2023, the year that Regulator City should officially launch!  Luckily for me I still have 12 months to accomplish that!
I wanted to drop another fresh demo for you guys to sample, it’s still far from done, it comes with silly and weird bugs, and not all features are fully completed, but I think you’ll enjoy the game and it should provide you with a good enough sample to WISHLIST THE GAME!

Make sure to come hang out on the as I will be moving towards more closed private demos soon, and I will need testers!

I have an extremely long list of changes and things done to this version of the game, but all you need to know is that it’s more stable then the previous version, more feature packed, and even closer to something resembling a completed game.. so grab the demo and drop me some feedback on Discord or where ever!

Full changes list:

  • fixed: lasers should be turned off if no power
  • fixed: night-vision should turn OFF on street view
  • fixed: all squad members died, but revived back on the street (walking around with fallen bodies)
  • fixed: squad often points gun to top-left corner of screen
  • fixed: crates on street behind a tree are not solid
  • fixed: van moving from left dumps players on the right – should be on the left (behind the van)
  • fixed: adding multiple same items to inventory only keeps one
  • fixed: enemies aren’t attracted by loudnoise triggers
  • fixed: hostage can run himself into a corner
  • fixed: level-editor: floor tiles only show flat-color, not the design/print
  • fixed: sound-speaker won’t turn off (stop animating+shooting sound waves)
  • fixed: turning lamp on/off changes visuals on the lamp
  • fixed: mission targets shouldn’t be in hidden-area’s
  • fixed: enemy-dropins from ropes would happen in unvisited rooms
  • fixed: HQ sometimes has missions
  • fixed: off-screen enemies make too much noise
  • fixed: Enemies open doors randomly it seems
  • fixed: approaching streets from left messes up mission-numbers
  • fixed: Automatic doors don’t block correctly when power is off
  • fixed: walking into objects from left to right has some weird collision bug going on
  • fixed: pickup items are pushed by enemy-collisionboxes
  • fixed: gamepad power-button shows wrong button-name (B instead of X)
  • fixed: some level-bugs
  • fixed: some squad-AI edge cases
  • fixed: wrongly disabling detonator – explodes way too quickly
  • fixed: render bug above breakable walls
  • added: Bomb detonation task now has a proper-order to it (simon says)
  • added: “kill targets” now show a red arrow above head
  • added: generic-soldier avatar profile pic
  • added: generals need unlocking / not available in demo
  • added: keycards/doors can now be grouped and multiple spawn points set in level editor
  • added: improved mission-progress icons
  • added: Flashbangs
  • added: Proximity bombs
  • added: beatbox
  • added: Enemies can now open doors and come towards the noise in other rooms
  • added: beatbox now explodes after X ticks
  • added: sound-specialFX to show things are making noise
  • added: tiny bounce to time ticking down
  • added: level-editor can now select mission and flipped level state for testing
  • added: Power-off time-left now shown in HUD
  • added: GO sign in streets when moving wrong direction from car
  • added: Money-level-up meter and system
  • added: green ammo-crates now show they are “emptied”
  • added: wrong alarm code spawns enemies near you
  • added: item – Armor
  • added: item – Trash can lid
  • added: “Ammo full” notification when trying to pickup ammo
  • added: melee weapons will get more item-drops from enemies
  • added: Enemies drop Ooze drops
  • changed: pickups now float toward player when picked up (more clear you grabbed it)
  • changed: tiny tweaks to make enemies stand out more
  • changed: enemies will be “idle” until player nears them – improves visibility and awareness for player
  • changed: removed progress popup (in favor of new mission icons in hud)
  • changed: improved randomness of mission-spread cross a street/block
  • changed: tighter limits on mission-goal count (X dynamite, X intel)
  • changed: less texture/detail on floors, clearing up some of the visual mess
  • changed: removed medikits from HUD (inventory item now)
  • changed: Enemies now have solids (blocking from overlapping each other)
  • changed: squad will be more aware of security cameras
  • changed: level-editor will now properly load correct (last edited) template after play-mode
  • changed: automatic doors have a delay before closing again
  • changed: mod-HP is halved change into “shots do double damage”
  • changed: Nightvision goggles will have to be selected from inventory to activate
  • changed: moved quit-game dialogs to new interface design
  • changed: melee weapons slightly more powerful
  • changed: Alien Ooze mission modifier now doubles-Ooze
  • changed: Ooze-drops fill up your power-bar
  • changed: melee weapons make enemies drop more pickups
  • changed: status-bars light up when Ooze or Money is grabbed






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