Snake Core invades Nintendo Switch!

Snake Core invades Nintendo Switch!

Snake Core РA mission based take on the classic Snake, pitching an army of different unlockable and upgradeable units against an alien infection… 


NOW AVAILABLE on Nintendo Switch:

The game:

Snake Core is an Arcade game combining the gameplay mechanics of Snake but twisting and turning the setting and variation into an intergalactic war against an alien infection with a variation of mission types and army units.

Command your army of different soldier units as they attack aliens, take out bombs, retrieve soldiers, defend key locations, and hunt down big Snake like creatures.  The game plays in different game-modes, with a multi-route map that allows the player to decide the best route to the Alien Overlord.

Grab power-ups to improve your soldiers skills, wipe out aliens, and increase your score.. because in true Arcade tradition, getting your name at the top of the high-score list might be the most important thing!



  • Different control-schemes available
  • Many unlockable units and upgrades
  • Variation of mission types, with each mission changing up the gameplay
  • A node-based mission screen: command your army through the most favorable challenges towards the end goal.

Orangepixel Universe and Timeline

Snake Core is a new game that fits nicely in the Orangepixel universe and it’s timeline. The game takes place after the Gunslugs and Groundskeeper series. Where a war against aliens started, and Snake Core is the first step in fighting those aliens off-planet !

Full timeline and universe information can be found here:


About Orangepixel


Orangepixel is a Dutch one-man developer, founded in 2004. Being a solo-developer handling everything from game-design to code and pixel-art, all the Orangepixel games contain a unique style and feeling based heavily on the developer behind each and every game.

Most noteworthy titles have been the Heroes of Loot series (PC, mobile, PSVita, 3DS), Gunslugs series (PC, mobile, 3DS, PSVita) and the original Space Grunts (PC and mobile).

Orangepixel recently celebrated 15 years of indie game development:

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