Onboarding Smoothness

Onboarding Smoothness

Almost a month after the last demo, I bring you a brand new demo with the main focus of “onboarding players” and making sure things are more clear and obvious to especially newer players.

I’m slowly building a roadmap towards a release, and with this demo the main focus was on creating a better experience for players which also makes the demo more usable for Streamers to showcase the game. So in the coming weeks/months I will be able to contact various streamers and see if they are interested in taking it for a spin.

Regulator City will also be part of various events and things requiring a good demo, so I’m REALLY happy I got this out the door!

A large amount of work has also been put into tweaking and perfecting the interaction with your Squad mates and also the enemies. It’s a big improvement over the last demo, so make sure to check it out! (And don’t forget to Wishlist the game)

In this weeks video I also played the game a bit and gave some more background information on the various tweaks and changes made to improve the experience for new and returning players:


Full changes list:

  • added: Infobubbles to “loud devices”(washingmachine, audio, etc)
  • added: Energy drink effects now shown in speech-bubble
  • added: “generating city” to pre-game loader (indicating it’s a unique city every game)
  • added: Noise-generating devices will have a limited “noise” time (washingmachine, music, etc)
  • added: security alarm lights and sounds
  • added: post-tutorial animation
  • changed: Lime-green interface to Orange interface (removes the idea of being xbox focussed)
  • changed: Squad AI tweaks
  • changed: Disabled AI settings for now
  • changed: Powered up ability promped replaced with speech bubble
  • changed: removed empty-weapon being thrown away (creates confusion)
  • changed: Grenade-launch replaced with grenades in inventory
  • changed: Ammo boxes now also drop grenade/flashbangs,etc
  • changed: secret-area walls now operate same as dataretrievel/vaults
  • changed: added an appear-delay to the upgrade screen
  • changed: out-screen spawns now make a “drop noise” so player can identify them
  • fixed: show settings more prominent on start screen
  • fixed: Made more apparent which characters are still locked
  • fixed: Sneak-instructions in tutorial now more clear
  • fixed: removed “distractions” from tutorial level (enemies spawning, pickups, etc)
  • fixed: Made some dialog-action-buttons more present/connected to dialog
  • fixed: open-door floor tiles looking like voids (blackness)
  • fixed: enemies shooting and showing ooze when in hidden rooms
  • fixed: oozebits spawning in level-void
  • fixed: issues with data-recovery events and vault-cracking
  • fixed: certain damage being done through walls
  • fixed: improved enemy rope-spawns
  • fixed: enemy alerted by player, just stands there if very close to player
  • fixed: player starting with X amount of XP already collected before anything done
  • fixed: improved enemy response to “danger” (like bombs, grenades, etc)
  • fixed: bug with Camera not highlighting it’s target areas
  • fixed: enemies will now try to attack the team-member that shot him
  • fixed: Camera’s were still detecting morphed players
  • fixed: City-building layouts are now better randomized per-block
  • fixed: Enemy taunts causing frame-drops



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