May Celebration promotion for PC and Switch

May Celebration promotion for PC and Switch

Some May Celebration discounts and sales for Orangepixel games are happening this month! Starting on May 15th, the perfect time to complete your collection of Orangepixel Universe games.

That includes the latest Residual, but also full series like Heroes of Loot and Gunslugs.

For Steam discounts visit the Orangepixel Developer page (and don’t forget to follow!)

Game promotions on Nintendo Switch – May 15th – May 22nd (40% off):

  • Gunslugs 1 and 2
  • Heroes of Loot 1 and 2
  • Space Grunts
  • Meganoid
  • Groundskeeper 2
  • Stardash
  • Residual

For PC gamers, the above list is also discounted on Steam (60% off), and we add a couple of others to the list, the Steam sales will run from May 22nd – May 29th :

  • Ashworld
  • Gunslugs 3
  • Space Grunts 2
  • Snake Core
  • Sir Questionnaire


* Mobile games watch out for a sale coming to your device soon!

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