Grab some merch at 20% DISCOUNT on everything

Grab some merch at 20% DISCOUNT on everything

We got another Merch discount happening, get 20% off all merch!  From hoodies, to stickers, to the brand new mouse-pads with Regulator City and Gauntlet of Power prints.

All merch goodies are 20% discounted starting on June 1st and ending on June 5th!

BUT if you rather have a “free shipping” discount instead, we got those scheduled also, wait with ordering until June 10th til June 14th for the free shipping discount.


Buying Orangepixel merch helps support Orangepixel creating games, regular video uploads, and it’s pretty cool stuff to wear and use! So check out the Merch store and either go for the 20% discount or the free-shipping later in the month!


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