Boss fights and special items

Boss fights and special items

The Gauntlet of Power demo v4 is here, and it’s a huge leap into the right direction! Last couple of demo builds were mostly me still poking at the prototype and trying to see which direction it wanted to go.

With this demo release we now have a fairly clear direction and it still contains the Gauntlet of Power as main differentiation from other games in the dungeon-crawling genre. But we now pivoted slightly away from the Vampire Survivor mold and a bit more into the direction of Roguelikes such as Binding of Isaac and of course the original Heroes of Loot games.

And the demo is now available from Steam! So don’t forget to Wishlist and Follow it, while you take the demo for a spin:

The game now comes with the first two boss battles, a shop-room got added, tiny treasure chests and a secret room with more goodies!

The amount of items is still somewhat limited, but a lot more are coming. I’m first building out the whole system to handle the various items and how they are spread across the various ways you can find them. Is it a shop-item? exclusive to a treasure room? A Gauntlet upgrade? or only found in Secret rooms?

I also modified the health system and invulnerability of the player once hit, still fleshing out the system and trying to balance it all out, but that’s an on-going challenge and especially this early in a game’s development it’s hard to get right – as things constantly change anyway!

Full changes list:

  • added: traps are disabled in completed rooms
  • added: Warrior dodge move now rolls
  • added: Item – Magnet ; increases attraction for loot near you
  • added: Boss : King Fire
  • added: Boss : Rocko
  • added: improved the mini-map
  • added: improved item-pickup event
  • added: proper Treasure room door
  • added: Treasure room can now spawn rare-items
  • added: Item: Horn of Boreas – needs charging to activate
  • added: basic controller instructions
  • added: Tiny keys (now needed for treasure room)
  • added: Gauntlet-levelup event/animation
  • added: Shop rooms
  • added: Secret rooms (work in progress)
  • added: Tiny locked chests
  • changed: invulnerability after being hit lasts big longer
  • changed: improved Bomb blast radios
  • changed: Treasure chest always gives some food
  • changed: improved door code for open/closed states on entering a room
  • fixed: main menu now fully working with mouse input
  • fixed: Axe flying against wall vanishes
  • fixed: Bombs only get thrown if enemies are near while dashing
  • fixed: creatures spawning outside of room behind the doors
  • fixed: rendering glitch with shields
  • fixed: Rocko can throw himself against the walls and go out of map

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