Regulator City demo 0.0.49 brings all the toys!

Regulator City demo 0.0.49 brings all the toys!

It’s here! The new demo, and it’s a BIG one in terms of changes, improvements and steps towards the final game. The list of changes is extremely long, so let me quickly talk through some of the highlights while you download the latest demo from Steam:

So where to even start? There’s so many improvements here, from the character-select screen showing more info on the special abilities, to the flow of things on how you get your team and you can now have the computer randomly create your team (I’m a big fan of such features, cause I personally don’t like fiddling with all these settings in games).

The whole level-up/upgrade system is replaced with a much more straight-forward Gunstore that appears after every mission. Same for finding upgrades to weapons and ammo inside buildings, this is now much easier done with clear upgrade-boxes spread across a building.

Players who enjoy sneaking and stealth will also be happy to learn that there are some improvements there. Sneaking up on someone will show you an action-circle and timer to let you know when the enemy is about to detect your presence. You can now also turn off lights and that will confuse enemies suddenly being in the dark, and you or your team can go in for a quick and silent kill.

Everything that’s important to complete a mission now is also much more apparent in the game, and there are more guiding markers and general information bits all over the place. I also tried to declutter various events happening as much as possible (so don’t show a dialog pop-up alongside a tutorial thingies while in the middle of battle!)  – It’s hard to completely get rid of all overlapping things, but most of the time you won’t be bombarded with information all at once.

Besides that there are so many improvements all over the place, including a couple of new items that should be interesting on your missions (and a LOT more are coming, don’t worry) and just a general nicer handling of the game itself.  I even improved the level-editor – while I’m still not even sure that will remain in the game when it finally releases!?

I’m really confident about this demo, and I hope you enjoy playing it! Don’t forget to drop by on Discord to talk about the game, give your feedback, pitch in some cool ideas, and perhaps make it into the credits of the game…

Full changes list:

  • fixed: risk-taking setting on Team-Generator got stuck on 0%
  • fixed: editor removing doors keeps creating a door underneath it
  • fixed: detonator task now playable with mouse
  • fixed: swipe card task now playable with mouse
  • fixed: camera-zoom near map-edges hides the action
  • fixed: using mouse on “back” in gamepad setup would select button change
  • fixed: level-editor blockades don’t stop FOV/light
  • fixed: shooting lights has no effect on the light in the area
  • fixed: AI detection bug (through the walls)
  • fixed: mod DNA need 1, isn’t reset
  • fixed: speech-dialogs moving off screen on the sides
  • fixed: when leaving a building, squad can be all over the place in positions
  • fixed: zoom issues on take-downs near map edge
  • fixed: security cameras are not slowed down on world-slowmotion
  • fixed: sometimes there’s a mission-door missing on the street (or not activated)
  • fixed: if player uses (A) to open a chest or turn off/on stuff, Squad shouldn’t operate the door (A) is being handled already!
  • fixed: Intelligence not being gathered once action/danger is gone
  • fixed: hud-blood spatters (hit indication) barely noticeable
  • fixed: notebook hand on right covers text slightly
  • fixed: don’t have tutorials show up if danger is too high
  • fixed: there was a fire-barrel covering the tutorial badguy
  • fixed: exit circle not positioned close enough to door
  • added: Random button on soldier-generator screen
  • added: First Boss fight
  • added: Take Down notice when taking down a mission-target
  • added: more punch to grenades (=doing more damage to surrounding enemies)
  • added: danger-markers (for bikers,bosses, and other dangers)
  • added: Oozed-up spike-enemy
  • added: sound to upgrade ring for squad
  • added: information to sneaking-tutorial to make it more clear to player
  • added: Switching off lights will “confuse” enemies for a bit and keep them at one spot
  • added: Thumbnails to characterselect showing abilities in action
  • added: Sound-icons when unseen enemies make a sound (in other room, behind doors, etc)
  • added: bunch of user-friendly improvements to the level-editor
  • added: Gun-shop and Merchant (inbetween missions, on the street)
  • added: Buyable items
  • added: Gun-shop level/area
  • added: Item: Oozed Silencer
  • added: Improvements to mission-result screen
  • added: heartbeat and take-down focus circle underneath enemies
  • added: Extra radio voice: Stijn
  • added: warning about security cameras on first encounter
  • added: Instruction pop-ups for first-time a mission appears in the game
  • added: Random team will now spread skill based for bigger variety in team members
  • added: a “SQUAD UPGRADED” effect to members upgrading skills
  • added: various tutorial instructions
  • added: Item – Master key
  • added: Give NPC’s with something to say a highlight circle
  • added: gave the Gunshop attention beams to stand out more
  • added: heartbeat/sneak effect to the tutorial badguy
  • added: Item Hearing-Aid
  • changed: path-markers now rendered outside the light-system (so not covered in shades)
  • changed: GO arrows above doors will appear below if door is “above” camera view
  • changed: gave soldier-creator properties descriptions instead of numbers
  • changed: improved Bionica’s dodge move (no melee weapon forced, shorter usage and faster revive)
  • changed: Pickups can be picked-up mid-bounce (feels smoother for gameplay)
  • changed: Melee weapons degrade when used (not just when hitting things)
  • changed: made certain level areas bigger
  • changed: weapon-crates now give weapons+special items (not ammo)
  • changed: Powergenerator now only works if you got Nightvision item
  • changed: soft limit on amount of enemy spawns when more than enough enemies on screen
  • changed: first HQ entry, make player move to general – not to Team-generator
  • changed: removed mission-result screen (had no purpose + added confusion)
  • changed: various engine optimizations
  • changed: Various map improvements with layout and placements/flow
  • changed: Flashbang sound
  • changed: Improved character select screen
  • changed: Default clone settings are now random as default
  • changed: sound for Triple-gun



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