Variation in room size to create a better adventure – Gauntlet of Power demo v0.0.8

Variation in room size to create a better adventure – Gauntlet of Power demo v0.0.8

Hey adventurers and new party joiners! This is a somewhat unplanned update to the demo, but I noticed there were some crashes caused by Spooky (the pink ghost) it was important to make sure those known crashes aren’t happening anymore, so here’s a “lite” update that does bring you some interesting changes.

I improved the generation of the dungeon layout, so there’s now more “splits” and dead-ends (which can be used for interesting future rooms!)

Also introduced a couple of different dungeon room sizes, and in those tight places some good bullet-heaven fights can be had (or a well placed bomb does wonders).

Finally I’ve been tinkering a bit with balancing things concerning enemy-skills, loot-drops, level-up speed, etc. So this new demo might feel a bit different!

I was planning on more features, but as mentioned, I consider this a lite-update mostly to fix some crash issues.

Full changes list:

  • added: More variation/splits in dungeon generator (bigger levels)
  • added: Different room sizes
  • added: Shop rooms now use unique graphics
  • added: bombs and keys now flash in hud when picked up
  • added: tiny-room specific room designs
  • added: render MAX on items in upgrade-screen at max level
  • changed: Treasure rooms are now smaller
  • changed: Secret rooms are now tiny
  • changed: Room light depends on room-size
  • changed: Renamed Tiny key to Silver key
  • changed: Renamed Boss key to Gold key
  • changed: Bombs and Silver keys don’t give pop-up messages anymore
  • changed: Improved message overlap order/importance
  • changed: Narrow rooms won’t appear in first 2 levels
  • changed: rebalancing tweaks
  • updated Gauntlet of Power support site with new items
  • fixed: some interface text position bugs
  • fixed: Various books for level-up weapons didn’t level-up all weapons
  • fixed: bullets would vanish after the wizards time-bubble
  • fixed: Menu navigation from preferences back to options has no selection when returning
  • fixed: Spooky monster can crash the game
  • fixed: key spawn in wall-pilar room can be pushed away/made ungrabable
  • fixed: Treasure throws item into door-passage making in unpickupable
  • fixed: secret room coverings re-appear when moving back to non-completed room

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