Regulator City new public demo is here!

Regulator City new public demo is here!

Grab your gear, and get ready to be shipped out into Regulator City! The new public demo is here (v0.0.51) and it is the one you’ve been waiting for! The changes list is extremely long, so you might not want to go through all of those things, but don’t worry, I can highlight some of the key changes while you grab and wishlist the demo on Steam!

I made many changes to the gameflow, this means an improved layout for the HQ building, but it also means the removing of the city-map view and only one mission per street (replacing the 3 missions per street). This all ensures better feeling of progress, and a smoother experience overall.

The money-system and somewhat forced Gear-shop are also removed from the game. Instead you will find cool upgrade-crates spread across the games, including some new weapon-unlock crates. You will always get a few extra gadgets when you return from a successful mission back in HQ.   The grabbing/collecting of dropped money always felt a bit of a distraction from the actual mission and action, and removing those features make the core game mechanics a lot more prominent and feeling better.

Another thing that got removed, or perhaps, replaced is the inventory screen. We now have a radial-select, as requested by various players, which allows you to grab (flash)grenades or other useful items a lot faster than browsing inventory screens. Still being tweaked and improved, but have a play with it!

Finally there is now a much more interesting level-up for your AI team members, statistics info for your team-members in the pause menu, a cool extraction event when you complete a mission, new airfield and hospital maps and various small improvements to other existing maps, and I’m probably forgetting a BUNCH of cool things from the new demo!

So grab the demo now , and take it for a spin!

Full changes list:

  • added: Implemented WIKI export for
  • added: Tutorial notebooks “shown” state now also saved
  • added: Extraction count down after mission completed
  • added: Change mouse cursor when performing tasks
  • added: floor lights
  • added: Radial button for inventory item select
  • added: Proper sound for melee-weapon swap
  • added: Go sign when Extraction Chopper is available
  • added: Gun/Item lockers
  • added: Player can now mount alternate default weapons in HQ
  • added: Copy+Paste to level editor
  • added: Mission/game progress statusbar
  • added: Spec sheet for items in HQ Lockers
  • added: New weapons: Squad-MK II and Squad-MK III and MachineGun MII
  • added: revert to holding “default weapons” when returning to HQ
  • added: show new weapon-unlocks pop-ups
  • added: Vault task now do-able with mouse
  • added: Tasks are now done in slow-motion instead of full-pause of action
  • added: Extraction chopper now always targets last building-door
  • added: Street graphical changes to show Ooze taking over
  • added: Squad Level-up notification popups
  • added: pre-generate mission list and mission-maps (spread uniqueness of locations)
  • added: Squad members now stay away from proximity bombs
  • added: Merchant shows path to General on tutorial-level
  • added: limit demo duration / mission count
  • added: Extra squad-heads for variation
  • added: Squad-statistics to Pause screen
  • added: Squad members now always have unique looks
  • added: Weapon-crates can be placed in level-editor
  • added: first Airfield map
  • added: First hospital map
  • changed: Door information dialog only shown when player near door
  • changed: Removed the city-view/mission map
  • changed: Streets now only have on mission
  • changed: Mission flow and code rewritten/redone
  • changed: redesigned HQ Layout and player start point
  • changed: blocked certain missions from happening in unsuited areas (vault in park for example)
  • changed: disabled “danger/stealth” meter
  • changed: Improved controller code seperation for UI and game controls
  • changed: optimised Verlet system
  • changed: Scrambler now needs to be held to use (not an active item)
  • changed: Removed infinite-ammo for default weapon
  • changed: Added Ammo-clip drops
  • changed: Redesigned HQ layout
  • changed: Optimised some squad-AI decision calls
  • changed: Pathfinding code optimisations
  • changed: Optimised squad-AI goal-decision making
  • changed: General in HQ starts further from Mission-computer
  • changed: Optimised Squad-AI decision delays and handling
  • changed: Disabled money system (testing)
  • changed: notification/pop-up system
  • changed: cleaned up pause screen and squad-stats
  • changed: Improved extraction event with slowmotion
  • fixed: HDMI/M1 resolution issues – setHdpiMode(Pixels)
  • fixed: blockade from tutorial-enemy wasn’t fully working
  • fixed: Chopper shadow not correctly mirrored
  • fixed: vertical curtains items would cause weird blockades
  • fixed: Hard to get item spawns in Park missions
  • fixed: Blocked certain mission-areas from spawning on roof tops (Park, Airfield, etc)
  • fixed: upgrade prices are incorrect in new mission upgrade
  • fixed: street/rooftop art has black area at the bottom
  • fixed: crash caused by breach-doors
  • fixed: Squad will freeze once security alarms trigger
  • fixed: Squad has no AI-nodes in street view for hiding/navigating
  • fixed: screenshake default settings and handling (more subtle, framework upgrade)
  • fixed: Tasks can blink/fade on the screen while performing them
  • fixed: Disable HQ-building from mission-area’s
  • fixed: Detonators ignore slow-motion from being in the detonation Task (so they always explode)
  • fixed: level-editor removing tiles doesn’t remove floor-textures
  • fixed: Street-entry starts with Squad outside of the screen (no car/chopper moving in)

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