First footage of Space Grunts 3 and Ashworld coming to Nintendo Switch!

First footage of Space Grunts 3 and Ashworld coming to Nintendo Switch!

First week of the year, and I figured it would be a slow week, so tinkering on Space Grunts 3 was a nice way to get into work after the holidays. The main focus was on getting the core game-play up and running as far as possible before I leave the project idle for a few weeks as I work on Regulator City and Gauntlet of Power for the next weeks. That way I can jump back into it and start creating content and assets.

My focus was on getting the inventory up and running, including “stash” inventory for all types of entities in the game, and handling your gear. Underneath all that is a bunch of systems for managing inventory and adding a couple of items to the game to test stuff. Which took me a bit longer than I wanted, but it’s all up and running now!

I’m re-using a lot of things for this game, but the inventory interface and handling took a lot of new code and design because it does something different than my other games did (having an extra “Stash” where you can take stuff to add to your own inventory)

Really pleased with the progress I’ve made in between the holidays, it’s now a few weeks in development and we have the turn-based system, (simple) enemy handling, shooting, inventory management, and of course a working “dungeon” generator ripped straight out of Gauntlet of Power ;)

The game is now starting to feel playable, so I’m fine with letting it idle for a few weeks as I dive into my other projects, but I can’t wait to get this game going properly in a few weeks time!

Besides the main projects there’s also an Ashworld update this week, as Friedel (SeriousLion on the Discord) started fixing some bugs in the Switch port, so I’ll be able to test that one again and write down a bunch of new bugs until we squash them all, and can start planning a release on Nintendo Switch

Productive week! Let’s end it with a Space Grunts 3 gameplay video:


SpaceGrunts III – development change log January 03-05, 2024 : Build 0.0.1

  • added death animations to enemies
  • added proper status bar
  • added various items for upgading the player
  • added “stash” inventories for all entities
  • added inventory management UI
  • added Item-Pool code from GoP

RegulatorCity – development change log January 05, 2024 : BUGS

  • remapping controller gave issues – got stuck modifying things
  • Typo in mission information for “Intel gathering” (“desks likes”)


  • remove “idle by standers” (confusing to many players)

Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log January 05, 2024 : TODO

  • Add “Red Emeralds” mechanics – unlock features like “double loot” or “faster XP increase” for player to toggle on/off

Ashworld – development change log January 05, 2024 : Switch Testing

  • entering buildings – they are all empty, including no exit-doors.

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