Spending a week in the dungeon, and collecting Runes

Spending a week in the dungeon, and collecting Runes

My main goal is to wrap up work on Gauntlet of Power as soon as possible, so this week my focus was exclusively on the new Heroes of Loot game. Main tasks were adding some “meta game” designs and work on the intro animation.

You will now be able to unlock the extra characters by finding four “character tokens” per character. They are hidden in various places and events, some easier to find, others a bit harder!  I will put the “spoiler” information in the Orangepixel support pages for those that really can’t find them all!

I also decided to add special Runes to the game which will unlock “cheating features” that you can activate. This is based on the Lego games’ Red brick mechanism. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing those games with Aline (my wife) and I found them such an interesting thing that I decided to add them to Gauntlet of Powers AND most likely my other/future games!


And finally it was time to work on the intro animation! I won’t spoil it just yet, but it’s pretty good, so here’s a nice shot of it and the rest might show up in an upcoming YouTube video or wait for the games release – and Yes, those are two Space Grunts in the intro animation for Gauntlet of Power… !

Besides that the Switch version of Ashworld got some testing time and some fixes, as it becomes more and more playable on my Switch devkit ;)

Ashworld – development change log January 12, 2024 : Switch Release

  • Pause button in settings shows 32 instead of button (+?)
  • remove keyboard setup from settings menu
  • remove resolution-setting from settings menu
  • rename DPAD- controller names to proper Nintendo labels

Switch TODO

  • chat dialog in-doors isn’t visible (outdoors it is)
  • godray lights look very rough/unpleasant compared to PC versions
  • interface (like the map) are stretched vertically when indoors
  • outdoor environment has no collision detections anywhere (can run through buildings)
  • remove gamepad deadzone from options menu (at least on Switch)
  • Save game is not happening (would help testing)

Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log January 08-12, 2024 :


  • Add “unlock-shards” to collect for unlocking new playable characters
  • RUNE unlockable features
  • rebalance spawn-rate/early-level for some creatures


  • added: Character tokens to unlock new playable characters
  • added: Character unlock status to Char-select screen
  • added: Rune-option system
  • changed: removed score from screen (has no purpose?)
  • changed: Tweaked difficulty on Boss: Muddy
  • fixed: Controller instructions don’t fit in first room
  • fixed: Silver-chest disappearing
  • fixed: special item spawns can happen inside walls
  • fixed: Weird Magic bullets bouncing behavior
  • fixed: exiting map view can drop a bomb
  • fixed: Tiny chest can appear “inside” solids
  • fixed: Tiny chest re-appear effect triggers when returning to the room
  • added: Critters now show up in the Codex
  • added: Critters now weaker to certain weapon classes (see Codex)
  • added: Rune unlock animation and checking
  • added: Intro-animation to setup the “Gauntlet of Power”
  • added: Union updates now have different appearance
  • added:Modifier updates now have different appearance
  • changed: Master key auto-opened treasure+doors, now is user-interaction instead


  • Tiny chest can appear “inside” solids
  • Tiny chest re-appear effect triggers when returning to the room

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