A new character enters the Orangepixel universe: The Janitor

A new character enters the Orangepixel universe: The Janitor

More game development this week, taken straight from the developer’s TODO list and task management, here’s an overview of what has been fixed, changed, updated, improved or generally worked on in the Orangepixel Universe.

Okay so a little feature creep, but this Janitor dude is a fun addition to the game, and he kinda makes sense looking at the “final boss” battle! Great idea Discord crowd!

He also has some text here and there, and I might have him drop a super rare item at some point. He won’t show up in all rooms, but it’s cool seeing him appear!


Combined the “feature creep” janitor guy with the animation stuff I did and created a nice credit-monolog out of it ! Some fun stuff added but I won’t spoil it here, and a cool way to show the game credits


I might have been inspired a bit too much about all the Lego games we’ve been playing. But it does feel good having so many unlockables and meta-game thingies in the game. Bottom left of the title screen now shows your progress for: Runes, Codex entries and Forged Magic cards (perma unlockables)


Apparently my cool weapon-upgrade system wasn’t working AT ALL (it worked at some point tho!) So union weapons (2 weaponts next to each other becoming something new) and combo weapons (1 weapon ontop of another to turn into something different) both pretty much never happened in game! Fixed now!


Full changes list:
Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log January 16, 2024 :

  • If you load the archer up with lots of arrow weapons, after a long game, all of the equipped arrow items completely disappear, making the game very difficult


  • added: Black card of Blood
  • added: Black card of Fear
  • added: Black card of Power
  • added: Quest Monks giving player “goal” quests for extra items
  • fixed: Union weapon’s don’t show up

Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log January 17, 2024 :

  • Add Save Game


  • added: “The End” animation
  • added: a Janitor to clean the dungeon
  • added: Credits animation with the Janitor
  • fixed: crash when all weapons fully leveled up

Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log January 18, 2024 :



  • added: Codex unlock status to menu screen
  • added: Forged Cards (perma unlocks) – Blood drip, Powered up, Dungeon Love, Experienced
  • fixed: Codex and Rune unlock don’t fly correctly to their HUD corner
  • fixed: Dungeon-exit should block the Janitor
  • fixed: Flames in Character select not animated
  • fixed: If “speech” is shown, notification text should not be rendered/wait
  • fixed: Magic Tofu can push you beyond dungeon walls

Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log January 19, 2024 :

  • Add interface sounds for select/deselect/close/open
  • Codex add non-critter enemies


  • added: Janitor gives some game hints
  • fixed: Codex creatures progress bar doesn’t show full at 100
  • fixed: Compass overlays map in HUD
  • fixed: Credit scene has a light from King Loot showing
  • fixed: Entering secret room from uncompleted room, and returning shows weird secret door blockade
  • fixed: Janitor in credits screen positioning is a bit off at times (outside floor area)
  • fixed: Magic Tofu can push you beyond dungeon walls
  • fixed: Mounting combo ‘arrow of assasin’ doesn’t trigger
  • fixed: Treasure chest sometimes empty
  • fixed: Treasure room spawns a lot of same item (Book of death)
  • fixed: Union weapons aren’t working/unlocking correctly?

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