Start of year DEALS

Start of year DEALS

A new year, and on top of that Orangepixel’s 20 year anniversary year!  So let’s start with doing discounts across all the platforms: Steam, Itch, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS!

Putting almost the whole Orangepixel Universe games collection on sale THIS WEEK! Starting on January 29th and lasting until February 5th, it’s the perfect time to complete your collection of Orangepixel Universe games on any of the platforms.

Various games are on sale, including the massive Residual with it’s many hours of replay value, but also turn based AWESOMENESS in Space Grunts and Space Grunts 2, or the open-world Ashworld.. grab em all!

Grab the following games at heavily discounted prices (30% and higher) from one of the various platforms (availability differs for some of the titles):

  • Ashworld
  • Gunslugs 1,2 and 3
  • Heroes of Loot 1 and 2
  • Space Grunts 1 and 2
  • Meganoid (Reboot)
  • Meganoid 2
  • Groundskeeper 2
  • Stardash
  • Residual
  • Snake Core
  • Sir Questionnaire
  • INC ( Android )
  • Neoteria ( Android )


* Discounts vary per game and region, but all game discounts are at 30% minimum, ranging to 80%

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