Regulator Cities built in level editor

Regulator Cities built in level editor

More game development this week, taken straight from the developer’s TODO list and task management, here’s an overview of what has been fixed, changed, updated, improved or generally worked on in the Orangepixel Universe.

A lot of improvements to the Regulator City level editor, because it was starting to be confusing to me 😅 Now lines between connected entities are drawn, next phase is to have 1 vent be connected to 2+ vents, and let the game procedurally pick one of those so that vent locations are always “random” in the game, but still designed in the editor.


Bit of tinkering later, and one vent can now link to multiple connected-spots, only one of those spots will then be in the game. So access to secret area’s or key-areas can be randomized per game !


Editor improvements: Secret rooms are now highlighted (white room at the bottom), keycards are connected to their door (multiple key-spawn locations , the game will pick 1 ) and ventilation shafts are linked up (yellow lines). Also made navigation and usage overall easier.. I should start creating a game engine next 😏


working on a new Mission Results screen – find the hidden weapon, the Janitor, and … a 3rd thing that I haven’t really decided on yet


Just a nice screenshot ! 😄


Full changes list:
Ashworld – development change log January 28, 2024 :
Switch TODO

  • Save game is not happening (would help testing)

Residual – development change log January 29, 2024 :

  • Low framerate on specific android devices (example: lighting a campfire)

RegulatorCity – development change log January 30, 2024 :
Demo v0.0.54

  • added various level-editor fixes and improvements
  • added: Laser pass item to walk passed lasers
  • added: NPC holding Laser pass
  • changed: Enemy spawns happen in the room where you lost stealth (instead of following you from room to room)
  • fixed: mission “targets” spawning in secret rooms

RegulatorCity – development change log January 31, 2024 :
Demo v0.0.54

  • Editor: Added more Level sanity checks
  • Editor: Can now place “Secret room” markers
  • Editor: Highlight secret-rooms
  • Editor: Improved option-buttons layout
  • Editor: Keys and doors have connection lines
  • Editor: Vents now have connection lines
  • fixed: Bug in room ID generator
  • fixed: Burn spots have too big of a hit area
  • fixed: shielded enemies hit by flash grenade still use their shields

RegulatorCity – development change log February 01, 2024 :
Demo v0.0.54

  • Add a hidden ‘special citizen’s in each map
  • added: Chopper should clear out burnspots underneath
  • added: Exit-vent should also show effect first before spawning player
  • added: Mission-results overview
  • added: Orangepixel Universe: Janitor character
  • changed: Fire extinguisher should not be added to inventory (hold in hand, or drop)
  • fixed: Entities on blocked tiles can still be smashed
  • fixed: Multiple security computers generates false security codes
  • fixed: Ventilations don’t work when squad members nearby


  • Add jingle when entering secret rooms
  • Add mission to hunt/track X amount of rodents for research
  • Add Ooze sparks to players feet when ooze-bar is filled up
  • Couldn’t clear out fire directly behind door, got blocked by invisible wall
  • Make unexploded mines re-grabable
  • Visible ‘incoming in x seconds’ situations for player to dig in and defend

RegulatorCity – development change log February 02, 2024 :
Demo v0.0.54

  • added: extra checks for enemies spawns to avoid starting in walls
  • added: Glow-effect on HUD when player is Oozed-up
  • Added: jingle when entering secret rooms
  • added: More apparent “oozed-up special-power-available” status around player
  • added: Visual indicator for Janitor calling for help
  • added: Visual indicator how/where grenades will bounce
  • changed: fewer options for squad-AI settings
  • changed: made all things easier to destroy
  • fixed: Couldn’t clear out fire directly behind door, got blocked by invisible wall
  • fixed: Janitor hide should avoid furniture placed at bottom of a room
  • fixed: removed credits from pause-menu

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