Introducing a K9 (dog) unit to Regulator City

Introducing a K9 (dog) unit to Regulator City

More game development this week, taken straight from the developer’s TODO list and task management, here’s an overview of what has been fixed, changed, updated, improved or generally worked on in the Orangepixel Universe.

Wasn’t looking forward to this, but this week I’m tackling the Save game functionality! Yay…. Which is a lot of testing to make sure we are saving the right data, but not too much data so the load/save is quick and smooth. It was a much requested feature in the demo for over a year, but figuring out the important data to save takes time, and that data also changes as the game evolves.

Right now I feel like the base game and required data is all mostly settled, so perfect time to tackle this task and push the game a lot closer to completion!

The first implementation is working, saving data, loading data.. next is checking that data! and make sure we got all we need


So to make my week a little more interesting, I also started adding some functionality for the K9 dog unit. Sniffing for the K9 unit is now implemented. In the level editor you can place X amount of spots (grouped) and the game will randomly start at one of those spots and find the next ones, last one reveals the item hidden in that room

Pretty pleased with these new additions, on top of that I also worked on a bunch of improvements in all other areas of the game. Funnily enough, I found out that I had some code in the Squad AI that actually blocked a bunch of things and decisions! This must have sneaked into the code at some point trying to optimize their decision making, but as side-effect it also made them decision-less in a series of events.  The fix instantly shows the improvement to the few people that are in on the current play test build.

And finally some update on the Ashworld Nintendo Switch port, as SeriousLion got to do some bug fixing and work on the save game for that project, moving it closer to yet another releasable product.

Full changes list:
RegulatorCity – development change log February 13, 2024 :

  • slowmotion on grenades doesn’t work, remove

Demo v0.0.56

  • added: Dog-sniffing spots and functionality
  • added: Load/Save game functionality
  • fixed: laser-button interaction on map A0M0


  • add hints during loading screens
  • added: Dog bark to scare/alert/distract enemies
  • added: Make K9 only added to inventory when a map has area’s for it

RegulatorCity – development change log February 14, 2024 :

  • squad members sometimes appear outside walls (mainly when player goes through vent)
  • was able to pick-up 2 melee weapons

Demo v0.0.56

  • added: Backdrop to pick-up meta info (stand out more onscreen)
  • added: DNAKits and Keys are now hidden in dog-spots if they are nearby
  • added: hints during loading screens
  • added: K9 manual page
  • added: Proximity bombs now “attract” enemies
  • added: Unexploded prox. bombs can be picked up again
  • changed: Don’t show inventory count if only 1
  • changed: GO sign above street-doors now always active (also when near door)
  • changed: slowmotion on grenades doesn’t work gameplay wise
  • fixed: False Character-unlock pop-up
  • fixed: weapon-found meta count shows DNAKit numbers

RegulatorCity – development change log February 15, 2024 :

  • detonators still spawn in secret areas (check if all secret areas are marked in editor)

Demo v0.0.56

  • fixed: enemy-AI “moving to target” bug
  • fixed: input setup screens (keyboard+gamepad) redesigned

RegulatorCity – development change log February 16, 2024 :

  • Squad ai can linger near items, even if player is long gone/moved on (not sure that happens, or something else triggers it)

Demo v0.0.56

  • added: include saving “upgrade-box” status in HQ
  • added: trail from dog-spot to dog-spot
  • changed: Camera takeover by security cameras now only happen when first camera+tutorial
  • changed: detonators still spawn in secret areas (check if all secret areas are marked in editor)
  • changed: minor tweaks and improvements to Squad AI
  • changed: Replaced industrial level 2
  • changed: Updated all maps with proper DNA-Kit hiding spots
  • fixed: Dog sniffing spots visible when room is still hidden/secret
  • fixed: Inventory can appear to low on the screen (street level)
  • fixed: Melee weapons are not unlocked in HQ anymore


  • Add ‘dna field clone’ item – restores a fallen squad member
  • Add more upgrade chests in the levels
  • Add super scope item, limited use, but does perfect headshots
  • Hand player more dna-credits to increase skills at HQ

Ashworld – development change log February 16, 2024 :
Switch TODO

  • car-headlights are not rotated and positioned correctly
  • gameover screen has weird rendering issues (See attachment)
  • godray lights look very rough/unpleasant compared to PC versions
  • interface (like the map) are stretched vertically when indoors

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