Maintenance and quality of life, as Space Grunts 2 turns five

Maintenance and quality of life, as Space Grunts 2 turns five

Hey Grunts!

Short version: There’s a beta version available that you can opt in to try and play, right click on Space Grunts 2 in Steam > Properties > Beta’s > Beta_v200! – Would love feedback on any weird issues or other problems!

Longer version

Welcome to all the new Grunts! For the influx of new players currently picking up Space Grunts 2 in the Steam Deck Builders fest: this game feels new to a lot of you, but for me as the developer this game is almost turning 5 years old!

I always thought that Space Grunts 2 was “done”, I had added everything I wanted, it plays nice, feels nice, and every now and then I still boot it up for a round or two.

There was however always some tiny things that I felt like could be improved.. a lot of that was visual, some of it was gameplay wise, and a bunch of things were just technical issues that have to do with PC’s and operating systems all evolving!

So in between my new game projects, I have been tinkering on Space Grunts 2.. and especially now that I’m prototyping a Space Grunts 3, and we are about to do a Switch version of SG2 – I decided this was THE time to actually try and push a Quality of Life update to my old friend SG2.

This update comes with tweaks and changes which should make it a smoother experience on PC with mouse/keyboard or gamepad play. Better fonts, bigger dialogs, better resolution support, etc.

Visuals have been “cleaned” here and there as they could look a bit messy especially in early levels, and some changes are pushed like having a Fist card in your deck when you run low on weapons.

So please check out the Beta version, give it some playthroughs, and let me know what you think – or if you have more requests.. there’s room for some tiny improvements and additions!

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