Residual gains a new planet scanner in Quality of Life update

Residual gains a new planet scanner in Quality of Life update

Calling all explorers:  A new version of Residual was just pushed live! I’ve been somewhat busy working on my two new other games, but I still had some features on the list that I REALLY wanted to do for Residual, so better late than never.

One of the changes is more freedom for players to pick their planet.  There are over a hundred planets available, all with variations in environment conditions and world layouts, and previously you would unlock those planets by closing a Hypergate and gaining a “Free travel rune”.  That system works, but only for those players that invested time into finding the Hypergate and closing it!

The change for this system is now that AFTER your first game you can pretty much pick any planet you want! No need to use travel runes, just pick a planet and drop in.

It will still pay off to close the Hypergate, because by doing that you will unlock the new Freeplay mode which will allow you to land on that planet, instead of crash on it, and will provide you with a small survival-backpack full of required food and devices, so that you can really just go explore and maybe find those remaining secret artifacts ;)

This update also comes with a fresh new Planet-scanner that gives you more insight in your surroundings and where you have and haven’t been. It also makes better use of the available screen-space compared to the old radar.

So all in all I think this is a pretty cool update that certainly got myself back into playing the game again.. so who knows.. I might come up with a couple of other cool additions and enhancements ;)


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