Small game improvements make all the difference

Small game improvements make all the difference

More game development this week, taken straight from the developer’s TODO list and task management, here’s an overview of what has been fixed, changed, updated, improved or generally worked on in the Orangepixel Universe.

Most of my week the focus was on Regulator City, and it keeps surprising me how “big” this game is in terms of all the things you can do. From the main stuff to the side missions and all the mini-game like tasks. I know I created it all myself, but still! So much!

This week I wanted to iron out a bunch of things that have been pushed to the side. I often implement features and then when they work, I move on, but often there’s just some polish left or some tweaking to make sure those features really work flawless.

I needed to test some bugs with a couple of the weapons, so figured some practice dummies would come in handy 😏

That made it a lot easier for me to test the weapons, instead of having to go into a fight with enemies! The duo-pistol is a pretty cool addition to the game, but it wasn’t properly working at first as not both guns were shooting correctly, or not aiming properly.. BUT now that it’s working, it’s REALLY cool to use. A mix of auto target and manual target:

I also added some aim-assist which will come in very handy for people playing with a mouse to aim at enemies, I already noticed that being a problem for some gamers, so this should make sure you get those kills!

With Regulator City taking up most of my time, I still managed to do some minor tweaks and changes to Gauntlet of Power which is currently in beta test phase through the Discord. Some good feedback here and there, and I think we are actually very close to having an extremely stable and smooth playable release version ready for June !

One of the cool little updates I added was this “snap” effect to make clear that you are about to unite two weapons into one new weapon (thanks to SeriousLion on the Discord for the idea of adding a little shake to it):


Full changes list:
Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log April 15, 2024 :

  • Weapon-codex books still cause crashes

Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log April 16, 2024 :

  • fixed: Cyclo Bro rock-throws are somehow related to amount of screenshake
  • fixed: Delete “new game” slot

RegulatorCity – development change log April 16, 2024 :
Devbuild 0.0.61

  • added: Clean up inventory of unused items between missions (ie keycards)
  • added: Light to cinematic door events
  • added: super scope item, limited to one mission, increases headshots chances
  • changed: New Steam capsule design – testing
  • changed: squad level-up skills are now weighted-random
  • fixed: Achievements not properly saved
  • fixed: Detonators trigger even when (far) off screen
  • fixed: Flash grenades from Modifier screen doesn’t add proper amount
  • fixed: Hostage runs through fire
  • fixed: Path-finding issues with furniture-obstacles

Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log April 17, 2024 :

  • idea: “Succubus” type creature, that sucks the player towards it’s location


  • added: Janitor speech explaining Blue/Purple gems and powering items
  • added: Weapon union effect showing weapons moving together
  • changed: Blocked Trader-rooms from spawning in first 2 levels
  • changed: Tweaked Axe of Protection to be less over powered
  • fixed: Punc.tuation!
  • fixed: Weapon-vanishing bug with union weapons

RegulatorCity – development change log April 17, 2024 :

  • Some enemies spawn in sewage

Devbuild 0.0.61

  • added: Breached doors now vanish (less clutter)
  • added: Option to use custom Squad AI settings
  • added: Practice shoot dummies to HQ (and level-editor)
  • changed: Better key-name handling for instructions and buttons (framework update)
  • changed: Default Squad AI settings
  • fixed: Disabled delete save game on “new game” slot
  • fixed: duo-guns auto-targetting
  • fixed: Squad not moving properly to (horizontal) Exit doors


  • Change random-squad option to a “default-squad” option (more balanced team members)
  • changed: gave Uzi more punch (strength)
  • Give more upgrade-opportunities
  • Oozesucker – sucks player towards it location
  • Try: Ooze-spores, slowly spread out in a room/area (see Snake Core)
  • Try: Psi girl laser special ability allows player to target multiple points before it triggers

RegulatorCity – development change log April 18, 2024 :
Devbuild 0.0.61

  • added: Map view (requires reset default input for beta testers)
  • changed: DNA enhancer only show focus-ring when player CAN use it
  • fixed: General keeps popping up with the same message at HQ
  • fixed: trigger system between soundplayer and speakers

Heroes Of Loot 3 – development change log April 18, 2024 :

  • fixed: First dungeon room sometimes has a second door
  • fixed: Made mouse-over on level-up screen more accurate

Residual – development change log April 19, 2024 :

  • Scanner sometimes start scanning known animals – check if the detection is correct



RegulatorCity – development change log April 19, 2024 :
Devbuild 0.0.61

  • added: Aim-assist (Replacing auto-aim for mouse controls)
  • added: Cut security cameras now show sparks
  • added: Free-camera look when player is idle
  • changed: Improved auto-aim for mouse controls
  • fixed: Data-collect task doesn’t reset buttons when false button press
  • fixed: floor-lights elevate furniture entities, making them pass-through

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