Gauntlet of Power Press kit

Gauntlet of Power Press kit

Title: Gauntlet of Power
Developer: Orangepixel
Publisher: Orangepixel

Date of release: June 17th on Steam
Price: $13.99 (15% launch discount first week)

(Also coming to Nintendo Switch later in 2024)

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Heroes of Loot : Gauntlet of Power is all about the weapons!

As you hold the mythical Gauntlet of Power you gain the ability to mount weapons in eight directions to protect and mow down the many dangers lurking in the procedural dungeons.

Max up your weapons, mount modifiers, combine weapons to create new weapons, or create weapon-unions for even more exotic powers as you explore the weapon tree and set your self up for a final boss fight.

All wrapped up in a fast paced, randomly generated action RPG shooter with dungeon crawling and Rogue-like elements.

Heavily influenced by Binding of Isaac, Vampire Survivors, Zelda and the original Heroes Of Loot (2012)



When you start a new game a whole new dungeon is generated just for you, no two games will be the same. You pick up the gauntlet and start exploring the various rooms. Your Gauntlet of Power will auto-shoot it’s mounted weapons, and as you collect loot from killed enemies, you will increase XP and level up.

Levelling up allows you to mount weapons, upgrade existing weapons, or find unique combinations of weapon types and blend weapons into newly unlockable ones.

Be ware of the many boss-creatures protecting the doorway to the lower levels of the dungeon!

Like every good rogue-like dungeon crawler, you can find items to assist you in your quest to find the big bad guy at the lower levels of the dungeon.

You can find treasure rooms, secret rooms, shop rooms, and maybe a Quest-Monk here and there to collect those rare items all true adventurers want.


Download Media Assets – contains images, gif’s, logo’s, game spec-sheet, etc.



Gauntlet of Power is developed, designed and graphics done by (Orange)Pascal with music by Fragtures.


Who is Orangepixel:

Orangepixel is a Dutch one-man developer, founded in 2004 by Pascal Bestebroer (aka Orange Pascal). Being a solo-developer handling everything from game-design to code and pixel-art, all the Orangepixel games contain a unique style and feeling as a product of a single developer.

Most noteworthy titles have been the Heroes of Loot series (PC, Switch, Mobile, PSVita, 3DS), Gunslugs series (PC,Switch, Mobile, 3DS, PSVita) and the original Space Grunts (PC, Switch and Mobile).

Pascal documents his game development journey with weekly videos, talking about game design, game business, and everything in between:




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