Good old development BLOG

Good old development BLOG

Hello World!

Wow, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks with very minimal amount of development updates on this website. This is all because of me being in “launch mode” (which is a LOT better then being in crunch-mode). Monday (17th of June, as in 3 days from now) my new game launches: Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power and it’s a SWEEEEEEEEET game that I’m very proud of.

So the last few weeks I turned from “game developer” into “marketing guy” and have been focussed mostly on sending out press-releases, hunting down Youtube and Twitch persona’s and trying to contact as many as possible with a Steam key as my offering.  I posted on social media, got a few posts removed from Reddit, and made various TikTok‘s and Youtube videos about it.

All with the purpose of getting as many eyeballs on my game before, and certainly ONCE, it launches.

In the lead up to this weeks Steam Next Fest, I also decided to push a couple of small updates to the Demo of the game, and I pushed bigger updates to the full version that is now, hopefully, in the hands of people like Splattercat, Wanderbots, Retromation, SkillUp, Blitz, and a bunch of other indie-loving gamers.

I’ve been tracking a bunch of (smaller) streamers that DID play the game on their platform already, and commented on the videos, signal boosted those videos with the hopes of those people getting a bit more views and remember me when they make it big in the future!

And now three days before that, I still made about 10 fixes and changes to the game’s version 1.0.0 which is currently uploading to Steam and ready for launch on Monday!

Meanwhile my buddy, SeriousLion, is tinkering with the Switch version so I can’t wait to get that version and give it a couple of test sessions until we iron out all the bugs and have it ready for a Nintendo Switch release AND an Atari VCS release!

So what’s next?

Regulator City of course! This last week I already sneaked in a couple of days where I just wanted to dive into game development and not be bothered with all the marketing. Regulator City is the next one that has to be completed this year and preferably released, so my main focus will be on getting that done.

Already got a good amount of stuff done this past week and the enemies are now more interesting to fight, the balance of how many are spawning at once and how they attack you has improved, and your own team-members also improved in how they handle their environment.

My main worry is that I keep tinkering on those details until they are “perfect” but I’m ignoring the bigger problem of working on extra content. I need to come up with more interesting enemy types (probably non-human) and more items and a lot of building-levels still need to be (hand)designed !  So much content that needs to be created…

Luckily, with Gauntlet of Power now releasing, and the first “bigger” update already designed and partly developed, I can focus more on Regulator City, and of course also still have this Space Grunts 3 prototype going that I had some interesting new ideas for… can’t wait to get started on it, and with some luck we’ll see more regular “Developer Update” posts appearing on the site again!

Now let’s hope Gauntlet of Power does AMAZING, and so far, based on player-feedback and interest, I’m mildly hopeful!



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