Gauntlet of Power v1.1.0 is here!

Gauntlet of Power v1.1.0 is here!

Hello Adventurers!

It’s time for the first update to the game! Based on a lot of your feedback in discussions and over on the Discord a bunch of tiny balancing and gameplay tweaks have been made and a few bug fixes here and there are solved in this update.

BUT! The dungeon also received a host of new inhabitants, new creatures, new enemies, and some of the existing enemies and bosses learned a few new attack patterns and skills .. so be ware!

You’ll run into the Summoner, who will be summoning a bunch of creatures and won’t stop until you kill him! Also say hi to Blobby : he looks happy and cute, but looks can be deceiving !


Key changes in this update:

– Weapon evolutions at higher levels will create a higher-level evolution (never more than 2 levels below the weapon you are evolving). So you can still evolve a level 6 arrow into something new, and not worry about it becoming a level 1 Evolution, it will be a level 4 evolution! (and Evolution weapons are stronger than the base weapon by nature).

– You now have a max-amount of heart containers available to fill from the start. So you start with 3 hearts, and you have a max of 6 heart containers. BUT you can find a Gold heart to increase the maximum amount during your run!

– And the only real big bug is now fixed, some players were “randomly” losing weapons at later levels of the game. This is now resolved!

What’s next

Next on my plan is to add more “NPC” like areas, comparable to the monk. Already got a few interesting ideas for that, and the aim is to add alternate dungeon area’s for special items or weapons.

I also plan on designing some Character-specific weapons that can only be unlocked and used by a specific class.

If you got ideas, don’t be shy and come hang out on the Orangepixel Discord, and I’ll see you there!

Full changes list:

  • added: Codex-Statistics now opened after a run
  • added: Heart-container limit
  • added: Gold heart – increases Heart-container limit
  • added: Forged-cards now always visible on start of new game
  • added: Last-Run statistics to Codex
  • added: Item: Wings of Perseverance, Elven Stone, Orbus Magicus, Valkyrie Helmet, Liquid Haste, TrueHeart, Arrow of Time, Ooze Rage
  • added: New monsters: Mimic, Summoner, Blobby, Cocoon, Shielded Skullies, Imp XL, Skull XL, Bat Buff, Imp Buff, Flame Buff
  • added: Increased Temporal Chest pool, so no “return” of items
  • added: max “Dungeon” for each character to Codex page
  • changed: Balancing tweaks
  • changed: Balanced Wizard, lower Magic starting level and longer cooldown on Dodge move
  • changed: Shooting critters have better reach and stand still for the shot
  • changed: Chef’s Cap only triggers if at 50% or less HP
  • changed: ToFu now protected against attacks outside his circle
  • changed: Random critter spawns now take into account player’s location
  • changed: increased chance of a Monk
  • changed: lowered effect of the Blood Drip (forged card) to 1hp per 15 seconds instead of 1hp per second
  • changed: Evolution weapons never more than 2 levels lower than the origin weapon
  • changed: lowered requirements for RichyRich achievement
  • changed: double powerup items (Chefs cap) now correctly increase usage count
  • fixed: Temporal Chest bugging out in later dungeons
  • fixed: added extra checks for creatures spawning inside statues
  • fixed: D6 always gives health, no other items
  • fixed: Stats losses isn’t updated correctly
  • fixed: Dutch language credits color highlight is wrong
  • fixed: Block “map”+compass when player is already moving to next dungeon
  • fixed: Crash on level-up when “no option” is selected
  • fixed: cheat-way to play as locked characters
  • fixed: Statusbars on “jumping” creatures doesn’t move up with them
  • fixed: Some “single drop” items were dropping at later dungeons
  • fixed: some Evolved weapons didn’t level up according to Book items
  • fixed: weapons disappearing later in the game
  • fixed: Only one Rune of Fire shows up when multiple mounted
  • fixed: Item info-box in shops sometimes not big enough
  • fixed: Using Panic button in Boss room, generates different Boss
  • fixed: Some rooms spawn 2 statues when returning to it
  • fixed: Union weapon removes both slots next to the “new union” slot
  • fixed: Valkyrie helmet has no information
  • fixed: unlocking x2 and x4 XP and 6hearts runes
  • fixed: ToFu energy bar is always very low
  • fixed: Certain monster kills weren’t registered in Codex
  • fixed: Codex weapon info resetting

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