About Orangepixel

Hey! I’m Pascal from Orangepixel.. and I actually AM Orangepixel, since it’s a one-man game development company I started waaaay back in 2004! I love creating games in a couple of genres and settings, and all my games reflect a bit of my personality and taste.

If you want to know more about me, then do make sure to check out my weekly dev-videos where I talk about all the work involved in making these games:

The Orangepixel Universe

The recent years I’ve been creating games that all fit in a single Orangepixel Universe. This means that all games are somehow linked together.

The timeline starts with the Heroes of Loot games, these take place in the Dungeons Era, and these games are filled with imps, demons, skulls, and magic. The Heroes of Loot games are fast paced, dungeon dwelling action games. They are light hearted games that really focus on various aspects of adventuring.

Somewhat later in the timeline we find our Sir Questionnaire, a sophisticated gentleman, who is a distant relative of the Heroes of Loot squad. It’s a an adventurous game where the Sir is sucked up through a portal, and finds himself on the verge of the gates of hell! An almost labyrinth like world opens up as the Sir encounters creatures, items, spooky monks, and weird old fellows. A quirky and somewhat strange game, that has to be played to fully grasp the extend of it’s world.

The Gunslugs kick off the War and Alien era as they battle against the evil Black Duck Army who are the cause of much problems later on in the timeline.  The Gunslugs games are fast paced action games, taking place in a modern world with the first alien-technology encounters and a whole lot of problems dragging the world into a looming apocalypse.

The Black Duck Army is tangled up with alien lifeforms, and even tho the Black Duck Army gets stopped time and time again by the Gunslugs, this doesn’t mean the aliens gave up on this planet full of resources. They invade the earth, and they are met with a strong resistance in the shape of the Groundskeeper.

With Groundskeeper pushing back the aliens, and taking care of business on earth, a new team has joined the battle in 2020 in the shape of Snake Core. A group of brave soldiers in different shapes and sizes, sent out as the first wave to battle the aliens on their own planet(s).  Using an Omega-gate they find them selves fighting an off-planet war against technology and aliens.

The timeline is a bit unclear on what has happened since the war and alien era.. but what survivors have told us and what is clearly visible, is that planet Earth was somehow destroyed, and we find the Orangepixel universe in an Apocalypse during the Ashworld game series. The world is doomed, we find, mostly destroyed, omega-gates around the surface of the planet, and a new species called Skellies roam the planet at night.

Luckily, in the future, we also find news that a large group of humans has made it off the planet before the apocalypse happened, and the Space and Exploration era shows hope. One of the first space travel ships is Meganoid and it has been breezing through space for many centuries.  Of course things rarely go perfect, so alien lifeforms and mechanical glitches have found their way onto the Meganoid, and are in need of a hero!

During the Meganoid’s exploration into space, a maintenance guy is checking out the outer hull of the Meganoid spaceship for repairs of various explosions, during this he get’s hit by a swarm of meteorites, making him do a crash landing on a distant planet. Residual sees you explore this area of the universe as you try to fix your ship, and hopefully catch up with the Meganoid mother ship!

In the most furthest edges of the time line, we find a group of heroes. The Space Grunts are a team that sets out in space to help human colonies and space ships in trouble. This team has their training roots firmly planted in centuries of knowledge leading all the way back to the Gunslugs and first off-planet teams part of the Snake Core.

Weird information in the timeline also shows that remnants of Gunslugs and Space Grunts teams have been found in the Heroes of Loot dungeons.. the how and why on this are still wrapped in mysteries.