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Squeezing out the final polish on Meganoid

I’ve been hard at work on polishing the gameplay. There are now proper level-templates used for every world, so there is a real sense of progress and a real variation between the different area’s in the game.

Seeing as next week March starts, and my target date was March, it will be a few weeks of cleaning up and adding the final things (and with final things I mostly mean the end-boss, as it’s the only missing feature at this time).

I’m waiting for the high-res art to come in for Meganoid, and I’ll have to do a trailer and then setup all the store pages (ios,android,steam) with banners and such and start adding achievements and leaderboards to the game.

In theory that’s all do-able in a single week, but I don’t plan on rushing this one out. Also GDC starts next week, Nintendo is relasing it’s Switch console, so a lot of stuff happening already in the world of games. So for now, I’ll target final week of March for the release.

I might squeeze in a pre-order discount thingie before that, so make sure to sign-up to the newsletter and not miss out on that!

Meganoid is alive

Right now we actually have a fun playable game, I added the third environment (world) to the game, and improved various graphics and lighting on the first two worlds.  

Meganoid returns

One of my favorite games returns in a new form, shape, and as a rebooted series. The game development is already in progress so let’s talk about the plans!

New Action IP

Originally started as a prototype for “Meganoid 3”, this new game is changing into something else completely. With procedurally generated levels, there is an endless …