The Gunslugs is a team of classic action heroes, who’s biggest nemesis is  the Black Duck Army. Go big on explosions, or go home! Fast and frantic are the keywords to most of the games in the series.

Within the Orangepixel Universe, the Gunslugs series takes place close to the center of the time-line, where Earth is seeing it’s first signs of alien technology, portals, and space travel. Still mostly unaware of The Ooze, but the Black Duck Army certainly is onto something more, and experimenting with Oozed up technology!

GUNSLUGS 1 The start of an explosive trilogy of games

The original Gunslugs was released on a host of platforms from iOS and Android, to PC, Chromebooks, and landing on consoles like Nintendo Switch, AtariVCS and more.

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The second game in the series dropped in 2015, where the Black Duck Army came up with another plan: getting an alliance going with Aliens!  Of course the Gunslugs were there to stop all of these shenanigans!
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Tactics and strategy win the war

In 2019 The Black Duck Army gave it another shot, and got really close. The Gunslugs have to bring a new strategy to the fight entering a more tactical warfare against the army. The third game in the series requires a slower and more tactical approach from the player. Play it NOW