About Gunslugs

The Gunslugs is a team of action heroes, who’s biggest nemesis is  the Black Duck Army. The evil Black Duck Army has been trying to grab the world’s power with various shows of force. Starting in the 2013 released Gunslugs, where the Army tried to get an alliance going with Hell.

This was followed up in the 2015 released Gunslugs 2, where the Black Duck Army came up with another plan: getting an alliance going with Aliens!  Of course the Gunslugs were there to stop all of these shenanigans:

In 2019 The Black Duck Army gave it another shot, and got really close. The Gunslugs has to bring a new strategy to the fight entering a more tactical warfare against the army:

So far.. we’re pretty sure, that we haven’t seen the last of the Black Duck Army, and the Gunslugs will be ready to fight them anywhere, and anytime!