Heroes of Loot 3

About the game

Heroes of Loot : Gauntlet of Power is a fast paced, randomly generated action RPG shooter with dungeon crawling and Rogue-like elements. As you hold the Gauntlet of Power you gain the ability to mount automated weapons in eight directions to protect and mow down the many dangers lurking in the dungeons. Descent into the dungeon finding mysteries, collecting loot, and unlocking a host of weapons for your Gauntlet of Power!

State of Development

It’s early days of development! But you can play the DEMO of the game which is updated frequently based on player feedback, so if you like what you see and play, and want to help get the game in the right direction then don’t be shy and hop on the discord to talk about your ideas and concerns!

I will try to push updates every few months, so make sure to wishlist and follow so you won’t miss out on any updates and news surrounding Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power’s development. You can also hop on the discord to chat about the game!

Recent updates

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