Regulator City

Regulator City


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About the game

In a near future where alien powered technologies make crime lords and their gangs much stronger than any police-force can cope with.
A new type of law enforcement is needed, a group of trained experts to regulate the city!

Regulator City needs you!

Lead a squad of highly trained specialists, and try to regulate your city by completing various missions to counter the crime gangs that thrive in the city. Keep a good balance and your city will grow.. of course.. this also attracts richer and more dangerous gangs!

Roam the streets, rooftops, and enter buildings to complete your missions. From taking down specific gang members to saving hostages, or robbing gang vaults! Everything is allowed, just make sure to serve your city!

Play alone or team up with a buddy (up to 4 player local coop) as you progress through the missions and using gang-money to upgrade the city with bigger buildings, hospitals, banks, and airstrips!

Regulator City is currently in development for PC, Switch, Xbox and Playstation!
Follow development over on  or tune every Thursday for weekly videos from the game’s developer



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