Regulator City

About the game

REGULATOR CITY is a top-down roguelike where you are never going solo: you have an AI controlled team supporting your every move. You can decide to lead the way or perhaps hang back as your team takes out the various bad-elements in the city and level-up their own skills becoming even more useful for future missions.


An Asteroid crashed in the city, and an Alien substance called the Ooze started seeping out of it. It was quickly discovered that the Ooze had great drug potential, and it had mutating powers to who-ever Oozes up on it.

Gangs around the city have been using it to become stronger and more dangerous..


Besides a host of gadgets, weapon upgrades and handy tools to increase your chances of survival, you also lead a team of AI controlled trigger happy soldiers. Move as a single entity through various environments performing missions. They will help you take out enemies, and as they level-up learn abilities to breach doors, place C4, collect intelligence data, and become better at what they do: kill the mutated enemies.

Lead the pack from the front, or lay back a bit as they take out enemies, the most important thing: operate as a team and make sure you stay a live .. at all costs!


The alien substance that crashed in the city doesn’t just mutate gang members and various other city dwellers. It has also given you super abilities! Each playable character has a different set of Abilities and dodge moves to learn and use during your missions.



Complete missions all over the city, from apartments to industrial area’s, hospitals, banks, airfields and scrapyards! The city layout and missions are procedurally generated, within pre-designed interior maps. Giving the best of both rogue-likes and custom level-design gameplay.

Can you lead this squad to victory?

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