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Residual is NOW available!

Hey, Pascal from Orangepixel here, and today is THE DAY!  The project I worked on for about 15 months (give or take) is NOW available on PC and Switch and will be played by (hopefully) many!

So before I give you a little insight in how my "launch day" goes, here's one call to action:

Get Residual on PC:  Steam Link | or check GOG!
Get Residual on your Nintendo Switch  (simply open the eShop!)

AND Get an exclusive Digital Manual for the game RIGHT HERE!

I also have a "Release video" up for today talking a little bit about the journey of making the game, so go check it out here if you got some time to spare.

While you download the game, let me tell you a bit about launching a project like this, some exclusive behind the scenes of a gamedev:

The importance of it all..

Let me first try to explain to you the importance of releasing a game like this. I'm a solo developer and Orangepixel is my company, it also is my way of making a living (paying rent, food, all the bills, etc). 

I talk about this every now and then on my youtube channel, and the VERY simplistic way of explaining this:  every month I put into game-development, I have to earn back when selling the game.

This game took about 15 months x average-monthly wage = a lot that needs to be earned back!

So in VERY VERY simplistic terms: this game needs to make about 1.5 years of wages in the next couple of weeks!  GOOD LUCK ON THAT!

No pressure :)


(there is more to it here, there was a kickstarter, a publisher, but also extra costs for musicians, marketing art, marketing, building a buffer for next game, etc - but it all balances out to pretty much to the simplistic terms)

A week of stress

I've been doing work on this release pretty much since Monday. Residual started as a kickstarter, I had to deliver about 350 digital copies of the game either for PC, Mac or Nintendo Switch.  Which took a bit of management and ordering.

I created a bunch of spreadsheets, copied names and email information into it from the Kickstarter, included their prefered platform, and then added a bunch of download codes and keys to that list. Import it all into my newsletter software and off it went!

I also posted update posts with all the information needed to the Kickstarter page, I updated my Patron page, and I made some social media posts left and right.  All this spread over a couple of days !  - I did some last minute patching and update code for the PC release (this will come to Switch later) and I also updated the PC DEMO version of the game over on Steam! 


Most of my week my head is just going through all the "did I do this?"  - "did I not forget this?" - "maybe I can post this or that on social media?" - "did we take care of that platform?" - "is that store set, and will that button actually release it?!"

And that's pretty distracting when you try to just work and focus on your next game! ;)

In the end I'm very confident the game is good.. I think it's even GREAT - so I'm not too worried about that, of course there is always people that play it and simply don't like it and love to be vocal about that everywhere.. but I've gotten used to that over the 17 years of doing this!

Coming days

So the next few days I will be trying to keep up with all the messages: reviews,streams,questions,feedback,comments,emails,private-messages,discord messages, and everything inbetween.

I will be fixing bugs as soon as possible on PC, and make sure we get them all fixed on Nintendo Switch (but Nintendo will take some weeks to process updates.. so that's going to be a joy).

And when all that dust settles.. I'll take a long weekend off, and continue work on my next game - while pushing new content to Residual and maybe see if it can be made to run on mobile?


So I hope you'll be playing Residual in the next few weeks on either PC or Switch (or BOTH!?) and I'll see you in the next newsletter! 

OH!  I will be chilling a bit to the planetary tracks of Residual for the rest of the day, and if you want to support my musician on this a bit more, check out his bandcamp for that!


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