Sir Questionnaire

About the game

Sir Questionnaire is a turn-based hack’n’slash game, where you enter a dungeon and each room gives you two options: leave the room, or interact with what ever is in the room. This can be monsters, gates, treasure chests, pools of water, but also debris, or just another door!

A game designed around the simple premise of adventuring: go west or go east? Every room you enter will give you a choice, either stay and fight the dragon, or turn your back and rush to the next room. If you have the right gear, you might be able to slay the dragon.. if you rush away, you might feel it’s warm fiery breath hitting you in the back.

No twitchy reflexes needed, this game can be played at your own pace. Make the right choice, use your inventory to gain the upper hand in any room, and move deeper into the dungeon!

Take pictures of your various encounters and complete your codex with information on the various entities that roam the dungeon, learning more about the weakness and strengths of creatures and magical entities.

Take on Quests as you enter every game, ranging from easy to hard, with each quest type giving you a reward for your next game. The harder the quest, the bigger the reward, so again: choose wisely!


Featured as “New games we love” on Apple’s app-store.

” If you like choose your own adventures, Zelda, or Zork, this game is for you. If, just like me, you’re just an aging gamer looking for some nostalgia in a modern gaming world, then this is the game to download.” 4/5 –

“They have again managed to capture that magic ingredient, producing a game that it is both quick and compulsive, as you rapidly move from room to room with the tap of a button or two” 4/5 –

“A turn-based strategic choice game, where you enter a dungeon full of loot, creatures and mystery… So, play it? Yes or Yes? You have a choice, but you must play it if you like casual-crawler, when Reigns meets Dungelot!” 8.5/10 – KickMyGeek

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Recent updates

v1.7.0 – Fear the Reaper July 31st, 2018

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