Video policy

You are free to create videos using recordings of Orangepixel games, subject to the rules and caveats on this page. This includes, and is not limited to ’Lets Play’ and ‘Shoutcast’ style videos. You can post these videos wherever you want.

You may monetize those videos through YouTube, and similar partner programs. This webpage serves as permission to monetize your video, and as authorisation for the commerical use of Orangepixel games, within the bounds of Youtube, and similar partner programs. You do not need to seek any further approval from us and may provide this webpage to Youtube, and similar partner programs as evidence of your right to commercially use Orangepixel games within them.

Orangepixel does not seek and will not take a share of any revenue you earn by such monetisation of videos featuring recordings of our games.

There are a few small but important rules on using Orangepixel’s games in videos:

You may not charge for access to the video
The video must not be racist, sexist, obscene, homophobic, or otherwise substantially offensive
You may not attribute the work of Orangepixel to you or anyone else but us
Do not use the Orangepixel logo without first asking our permission
You may not license video content containing recordings of Orangepixel games, except in the case of YouTube, Twitch and similar partner programs, or unless you ask our permission first.
If you have created great video content featuring our games, be sure to tweet it to us @orangepixel – We would love to watch and share it!