Space Grunts 2: Areas

Space Grunts 2: Areas

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The game is split up to five main areas, besides these areas there are alternate routes to be found that often hide special rare cards. These areas are generated for a game randomly, and not all areas will show up every game. The only control you have over these alternate routes is: to enter, or not to enter!


Standard areas

Name Description
Planet surface. Your landing spot. This area can contain an entry to the Crashed ship area.
The entry of an underground space-base.
Technology lab of the underground space-base
The bio-laboratory, a lot of experimentation went on here.
This area of the space base contains the cause of all the problems.

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Alternate areas

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Name Description
The inside of a crashed space ship. IF generated, the space-ship can be found in the first world only in a room with the opening to the east.

Contains the Genocide device item.

Spider’s nest. IF generated, the entry to this area is behind a spider-web mounted to a wall in world three.

Contains the Web-of-time item.

Ancient dungeons. IF generated, this area can be accessed through an old statue containing a time-portal somewhere in world 2-4.

Contains the Power glove item.

An abandoned bio-dome. IF generated, the entry to this area is an old exit-elevator covered in vines. This elevator can spawn in world 2-3.

Contains the Black-rose item.

Crawlspace. IF generated, this area can be accessed through an old floor-grate somewhere inside the space station (world 2-4).

Contains the Card-Printer item.