Space Grunts 2: Events

Space Grunts 2: Events

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Events are randomly generated for every game you play. There is ever only one event activate in a game. Which event is picked by random at the start of a new game, there’s a 60% chance of no event at all.

Name Description
Systems tell us that this planet’s sun is overheating.Logic says it increases chances of blazing fire happening on the planet.
A large array of comets is about to hit this planet’s surface.Take cover and find a way inside the base!

Event is limited to world 1 only.
Systems show an increased infestation of spider-critters all over the planet. Spider critters will be crawling out of the walls, and plant-pods have an increased chance of spawning spidero’s.
Some technical problems in this area, means you’ll be mostly navigating in Darkness. Watch your step.

Event only happens in world 3-5.

It looks like this space base has various defense systems active. There will be rocket-mounts on the wall shooting every few turns.

Event is active in world 2 and higher.

Watch out! A real predator has picked this planet as it’s hunting grounds. These hunters are very hard to kill in battle.