Space Grunts 2: Trinkets

Space Grunts 2: Trinkets

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Trinkets are rewards you gain from completing challenges. Once a trinket is unlocked/awarded you will be able to find them in your game sessions. You can only carry one trinket at a time, and each trinket has a different result on the gameplay.


Name Image Description
Flashlight More visibility in dark-areas. Unlocked by completing “The Dark” challenge
Spiderman Spiderwebs won’t slow you down. Unlocked by completing “Spiderman” challenge
Metal-plate randomly defends against hits. Unlocked by completing “Shield-less” challenge
Controller Disables nearby level hazards (flamers, rockets, fires). Unlocked by completing “No tech” challenge
Paperclip Don’t need keycards to open doors. Unlocked by completing “The Martians” challenge
Pokerchip +1 on deck when inventory is full during pickup. Unlocked by completing “Low on cards” challenge
Lucky card Your deck gets refilled when empty. Unlocked by completing “Pirates a-hoy!” challenge
Band aid Using level transport completely refills your HP. Unlocked by completing “Empty handed” challenge

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