Sir Questionnaire: Rooms

Sir Questionnaire: Rooms

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The dungeon is created using a variation of different room types.

Normal rooms

These make up most of the dungeon, and can contain anything from monsters to items, to debris, to other doors, or even be empty. Some monsters in a room will lock the door behind you when you enter, you’ll need to defeat the monster in order for the gate to un-lock.

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Danger rooms

Some rooms offer you a choice between two doors. One door leads further into the dungeon, but the other door will lead you to a danger room. A danger room is full of sharp items on the floor, and often houses a treasure. Every turn will hurt you by -1hp. You can go for the treasure, meaning multiple turns, or quickly leave the room without getting the treasure.

These rooms will always do at least 1hp damage. The chance of running into these rooms lowers if you increase your luck skill.

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Merchant rooms

Various rooms in the dungeon contain a merchant. Here you can buy up to three items with any of your gold coins you collected in your adventures. In general, merchant rooms appear at max, once per floor.

It’s also possible to visit a merchant while being invisible. This will make it impossible to buy any of the items the merchant has in his store.. you can however take a risk of stealing his merchandise. Be warned tho, that theft in the dungeon means prices go up for all merchants.

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Throne rooms

Throne rooms are rare and contain just one thing: a Throne made for kings. You can sit in a throne, and have the following outcomes:

– If you are holding a crown, a random monster type from that crown’s element will be banned from the dungeon and not spawn anymore.
– If you are not holding a crown, there is a 34% chance one of the following things happen:
– A 10% chance you gain +4 hp and all illnesses get cured.
– A 10% chance you get struck by lightning.
– A 10% chance you pay all your gold to sit in the thrown.
– A 10% chance you lose all your experience in your current level.
– A 10% chance to gain 200 cold coins.
– A 30% chance you gain a random item.

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Altar rooms

An altar room is THE place to go if you want to pray to some godly types. Just be careful because gods are somewhat unpredictable. Entering the room will first give you the option to read the inscription on the Altar, this is a hint towards what you should sacrifice. You can either sacrifice bones or meat, meaning either skeleton-skulls (white) or imp-skulls (red due to the meat on it).

If you do NOT hold any of these items and still pray to the gods, depending on your luck there is a 30% chance (+ luckskill * 4) of the gods not being pissed with you and striking you with lightning.

If you pray correctly you can get one of the following effects:
– 75% chance to get a random item, or 25% chance of one of these three: increased strength skill, increased magic skill, or increased agility skill.

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Seeker rooms

Seeker rooms contain a silent, but helpful, monk.

When you talk to him he can show you the path to three different things: an item, a monster, or an object. Pick the one you want, and the next room WILL contain what you choose.

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Library rooms

The library rooms are locked with a wooden door. This door requires a silver key, or sometimes a crowbar, to unlock. always contain. Inside the library room there is a 50% chance it is guarded by a Trident, and 50% chance it is guarded by a Giant Sword.

Inside the library you can find one of the following: Skill potion, Healing potion, Scroll of Monster Creation, Scroll of Healing, Scroll of Haste, Scroll of Blindness, or a Scroll of Enchantment.

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Knight rooms

The knight-rooms are protected by magical powers. To enter you’ll need to equip an Iron Shield and an Iron Sword. The Knigh room will always contain a Dragon protecting a bunch of gold-bags.

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Treasure rooms

The treasure rooms are locked with a golden door, and require a golden-key to open. Inside you have a 20% chance to find a treasure chest with a Heart Container or 80% chance the room is filled with treasure including gold-bars.  Treasure rooms are randomly guarded by any type of monster.

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